What type of session suits your style?

Completely custom portrait sessions tell the story of your family in a way that captures your memories and milestones just as you remember them. Your personalities will shine when we choose the perfect location and setting for your portraits. Every family has a different dynamic and our goal is to capture and share yours.




Studio sessions are great for creating a masterpiece that captures personalities and focuses on you! We have backgrounds, props and lots of warmth and light for days when outside just isn't an option! Simple, classic or lots of props. Let's pick what's best for you! 



At the park, along the river, next to a big red barn or at the American Sign Museum! We will choose a special location for your portraits that speaks to you.



A lifestyle session focuses on capturing everyone in their natural habitat. Whether that is at home in a nursery or having a picnic at the lake on your boat. These sessions document an activity or just your family being you in your own space. 

How does this work?


Before your session

The first thing we will do is schedule a no obligation session consultation. Come to the studio and meet me, if we haven't already met, and discuss options for your session. We will talk about clothing options, location, style, props and other details. We will also talk about where your portraits will live after the session. Will they hang in your home? Or are we capturing images to tell a story in an heirloom album. No two sessions are alike!  We will also discuss other details like what time of day or year is best for your session and what makes your littlest laugh the hardest.

Before you visit the studio think about where your portraits will live after the session. Will they hang in a special place in your home, be given as holiday gifts or tell a story in an heirloom album on your coffee table? Send or bring photos of areas in your home that you would like to display your portraits. We will choose a day, time and location that suits your wants and needs best.

Once your date is chosen you will sign your portrait agreement and pay your session fee to hold your date and time. 

The Session

We will meet at the location specifically chosen for your session. Bring things like snacks, water, extra diapers, and a brush! Just in case! Also come ready to have a good time! If I haven't met everyone yet, we will take some time to get warmed up with each other and then start your session. I only take 2-3 sessions a week and sessions are not booked back to back. This allows me time to become friends with your little ones before we start, give breaks as needed, and most importantly to make more images if the light is just right and we are really feeling it! Rushing is not an option when it comes to creating custom portraiture before, during or after! 

Lifestyle session behind the scenes photo.

Lifestyle session behind the scenes photo.


After the session

Two weeks after your session you will come to the studio for a viewing and ordering appointment. During this appointment, all parties involved in the decisions and purchasing of your portraits should be present. We also ask that you spring for a sitter so that we can make undistracted decisions on what prints, packages or products you would like to purchase. We will view your image gallery and we will walk through the decision making process together. Whether you want only one image or them all I will guide you through the decision making process with a professional eye and opinions.

All purchases and payments from your session will be made that day. Orders will not be placed until your balance is paid in full and you can expect your prints to arrive within 2 weeks of your payment. Some specialty items like canvasses and albums can take up to 3-4 weeks depending on the product, design time, and the season.