What images are you using to sell your services or products?

There is nothing more important than a first impression. This couldn't be more true than when you are trying to compete for business in markets oversaturated with advertising, marketing and promotions. EVERYONE has a website and a social media presence for their services and businesses. Whether you work for yourself or a large corporation you need an online presence to survive in this generation of technology. Image matters, is yours up to par with your competition? If not let's talk about how to make that happen, what makes sense for your line of work and create something unique to edge your way out of the crowd. Studio N offers headshots, branding sessions for marketing and promotions, custom stock photography libraries, product photography and commercial photography for all your needs.


Workshops are offered at specific times and locations TBA. Groups of 2-10 people meet for a specific topic. For more information click here and for upcoming workshop dates visit the blog.

Are you looking to have a group of employees trained in basic photography skills, or perhaps social media marketing and design to help with the workload? Schedule a group class at your office or location on the topic of your choice. Class sizes can be from 2-100. Click here for ideas on what topics can be covered and contact us for more information and a quote.

Branding Sessions

Product Photography

Mentoring is available for one-on-one training in camera skills, lighting and posing, post processing, business, marketing and all other topics. We will decide the plan that suits your needs, skill level and goals. Click here for more information and ideas of topics we can cover. 

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