Fun Facts about Natalie - Photographer and owner of Studio N

  1. I was a college cheerleader for the 1997 1AA Football National Championship team the Youngstown State Penguins! (I grew up in Youngstown and moved in 1999).
  2. I live in an old dress factory with my soon to be husband and two cats Biscuit and Olive Oil (our family likes to name our pets after food).
  3. I'm in love with aerial yoga and have an aerial yoga silk in our flat! (though I don't practice nearly enough).
  4. I love to cook. My family is Italian and it took me a while to like real food but now it's an obsession. I practice Paleo (no sugar, no gluten no dairy) but I do indulge, within reason, when I can afford to. In no particular order my favorite foods are Tacos, Steak and (Youngstown Style) Pizza. My favorite meals to make are the ones I create using what we have on hand.
  5. There are very few foods I don't like but crab, lobster, mayo, capers and ham are on my do not feed list.  
  6. I collect vintage things, the rustier the better and I like toys and wooden things! I have a Pogo stick from the 1920s. 
  7. I take my coffee black, from a french press, one cup a day. 
  8. I'm known to live like a gypsy and pick up and travel at a moments notice. But I do love to be home.
  9. I have one brother who lives in Seattle and my parents are still back home where I grew up in Youngstown, OH.
  10. My favorite playlist on Spotify is Acoustic Morning but my favorite band is the Deftones and I love going to see live music with my friends.
  11. I have tattoos...quite a few! Got my first one when I was 18 and I lost count at 13, I say I have one big one at this point! Kids love my "stamps" and its one of my favorite ways of collecting art.