On location

Zoe & Lucy

Broad Ripple is such a fun neighborhood in Indianapolis, IN and the perfect location for this fun sister session on a beautiful day! These girls are a great example of how important it is to capture this Tween stage of life! Lucy is teetering on that fine line of kiddo or teen and her big sis Zoe is sprinting towards her teen-dom! The first time I photographed Zoe was in a tutu, same long beautiful hair, spunk and owning the camera. I love watching my littlest clients grow. But ok now, you can stop!! Always a great time catching up and photographing these beauties! Thanks for such a fun session and I hope your bubble tea was delish!

xoxo- Natalie

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Emma Class of 2019

Emma is ready to take on her Senior year and killed it for her senior Portraits! We had to reschedule a few times because it was just. too. hot! But we managed to grab a cooler evening finally for her urban senior session in Camp Washington. You look amazing and so grown up! I feel like just yesterday I was photographing you and your cousins on that fire truck at Cole’s Birthday party…chubby faced and no where near senior year!! I’m so happy I could capture these for you and I wish you the best of everything your last year of High School and beyond!!

xoxo - Natalie

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The Morelands

OH how the time passes so quickly! My trip to Indianapolis included an updated Family session for some of my favorite people on the planet! Somehow the girls are growing older quickly and their parents seem to be aging in reverse!! Thank you for the hospitality and the wonderful visit while I was in town! Spending more than just a meal with you all to catch up was wonderful! I love your new house and can’t wait to see where you put these and all the sessions to come! Girls, you can stop growing up now…you are both so beautiful and hilarious!! I loved spending time with you!

xoxo - Natalie

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Sophia & Sebastian

Sometimes the best locations are right where you least expect them. As a photographer it’s my job to find those places, find the perfect light and to have a vision for your session. This session couldn’t have come together more perfectly! I won’t say too much on this post and let the images speak for themselves. Also they are a surprise for Christmas cards so no tagging or sharing :) I have permission to post here though! Enjoy…these are some of my favorite new images!

Note: this is a fully custom Creative Session. That means date, time and location are chosen for a specific look. These sessions are given priority for those golden light hours everyone loves! It’s Ohio so we don’t always luck out with sun when we want it but we always have a back up plan! If this is the style you love and want for your family portraits call early to make sure the right time and dates are available for your session.

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The Giles Family

It’s been almost 10 years I’ve been photographing this family! Hard to believe it was only Missy and Josh and what seems like yesterday! They introduced me to Mt. Airy forest with a request for the treehouse for their engagement session and I’ve been smitten with the location ever since! The light was just perfect, albeit a little humid and the kids were happy to be outside! The Fall color is starting to creep in even if the Fall temps are a little far behind! Thank you for always choosing me to be a part of capturing your family milestones! I love watching your little family grow!

STN_3019 copy.jpg

Perfect outfits all the time! Missy has the best style…you should see their house!

STN_3138 copy.jpg

Sawyer loves his big brother Jack, look at that face! <3

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STN_8734 copy.jpg

This image is pretty much perfection and straight out of the camera. LOVE a Mamma’s love!

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How handsome and grown up the boys look in their suspenders!

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Daddy and his babies, Mamma and her big boy!

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Always love to see you guys and catch up. Thanks for inviting me!

xoxo - Natalie

Emanuel, Julian & Stella

These little cuties came down from Columbus for a Summer Session with me here in Cincinnati! I know their mommy from High School where we cheered together and caused a ruckus with our other Cheer Pals. I remember all of the fun like it was yesterday! The last time I saw Mom in person though (thanks Facebook for keeping us all so close and up to date these days) was in Venice, Italy in 1999.

What was so amazing about the last time I saw her was that it wasn't planned! See Allison was stationed overseas and I hadn't talked to her since High School, let's say in 1995, when she graduated. I was in Italy for the Summer studying and visiting family and we decided to take a trip to Venice on a Sunday. It was going to be so much fun. However, my friends and I were on a 1:00 train from Florence and didn't realize, until we were halfway there, that the last train out of Venice was at 7:00. That wouldn't be nearly enough time to see the sights and experience Venice the way we wanted to. It was also the middle of Summer and we didn't bring a change of clothes. But we decided to get a hotel room, stay the night, and leave instead the next day. It was such a great idea because there was a huge fireworks display that night on the banks of the Arno celebrating one of the churches and we really got to experience the culture of the city.

So we were beat, we were sweaty and stinky, and we were ready to get back to Florence the next morning. We plopped down on some steps outside the train station to wait for our trains arrival in a few hours because our feet were done. Low and behold I hear "Natalie?!, Oh my gawdddd!" I looked up and there she was! Randomly in Venice with friends for the day! My cousin was with me and had her trusty disposable camera out and snapped the interaction as it happened! So cool! I posted the photos at the end of this post if you'd like to see. It was such an amazing memory that we still talk about to this day! I can't believe we have pictures to remember it!

Ok so on to seeing each other again for the first time in person in OMG 19 years!!! Almost to the day at that! I got to hug her again and meet her 3 beautiful children and play in the park with them! Dad couldn't make it but I was able to sneak mom in for some of the fun! These kids are adorable and I am so thankful she asked me to capture their portraits! 

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STN_2235 copy.jpg

I made sure to tell mom to bring snacks for the kids for after the long drive and they were chowing down on these plums. Look at this baby's eyes! LOVE! 

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STN_6555 copy.jpg

Thanks so much for coming down and catching up! You don't look a day older than the last time I saw you and exactly the way I remember you! I had so much fun looking at your babies while editing and noticing all of their little features that remind me of you! Next time I hope to get to meet dad and so much time won't have passed before we can catch up again!!

xoxo - Natalie

"OMG what?"

"OMG what?"

"Are you serious?"

"Are you serious?"

Cheer pic for good measure (she's gonna kill me ;)). That's me front row on the left - I had Mono for what felt like 3 months before they diagnosed what was wrong with me, so the start of my Sophomore year was a little rocky. That's Allison on the right, front row. This photo is great! Also, I've photographed 5 of these girl's families over the years...how awesome is that?&nbsp;

Cheer pic for good measure (she's gonna kill me ;)). That's me front row on the left - I had Mono for what felt like 3 months before they diagnosed what was wrong with me, so the start of my Sophomore year was a little rocky. That's Allison on the right, front row. This photo is great! Also, I've photographed 5 of these girl's families over the years...how awesome is that? 

Steph & Jordon | waiting for baby

Living in our loft the last 3 years we have made some really amazing friends that we now consider family. As we started the home buying process we knew we wouldn't be moving far and our friends still living at the lofts would only be 2 blocks away! However, we got to keep two of our pals just as close as living in the same building since they moved onto the same street as our new house! Jordon and Steph are expecting a sweet baby at the end of August and I'm over the moon excited that I will be only a few houses away for all the baby snuggles I can handle at any given time I choose! We are so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet that little bug! Steph you look stunning! Ok Jordon you look pretty ok yourself ;)

STN_2082 copy.jpg
STN_1970 copy.jpg

These images were taken in what we have dubbed the neighborhood photo garden! I noticed shortly after we bought the house at the end of the street (literally maybe 50 feet from our house) there is a field with wildflowers and tall grasses. It's like it was made just for me to photograph in! I called Steph and told her we HAD to photograph there before the flowers were gone. So we waited for the perfect light and walked down the street! 

STN_2114 copy.jpg
STN_6019 copy.jpg
STN_1940 copy.jpg

The light in their house is pretty gorgeous too! We were taking a break from the heat when I saw the light coming through the dining room and had to do a few shots there. Jordon and my husband got in on the action for their own "belly photos" but I'll let them post at their discretion elsewhere :)

STN_1917 copy.jpg
STN_5914 copy.jpg


STN_5928 copy.jpg
STN_5905 copy.jpg
STN_5885 copy.jpg

Absolutely STUNNING STEPH!!!! You are such a pretty mamma! 

STN_5932 copy.jpg
STN_5889 copy.jpg
STN_5860 copy.jpg

I'm so happy we get to be a part of this new milestone in your lives and we cannot wait to meet that sweet little bundle! Soon enough! 

xoxo - Natalie

The Erjavic Boys

There has been nothing but joy watching these boys grow! Brooks, Mason and Hudson's mommy is a childhood friend who grew up down the street from me. I always thought Jami was the coolest chick and looked up to her growing up. We were cheerleaders together in High School and for the most part, the only girls on the squad doing back-handsprings across the field. We went to the same gymnastics center together, and I was lucky to be invited into her friend circle in High School...she even let me borrow her super cool jeans that she wore in her Senior Pictures for a few days (think 90's grunge, a little punk a lot of holes and patches). Too many memories to list, but nothing has made Jami cooler than being a mom to these GORGEOUS children! It's been amazing to see her become a mom and I know she is a pretty cool wife to her hubby Joe too. I digress....check out these studs! 

STN_1779 copy.jpg

We all jumped in the SUV and took a ride around the corner from their house to find a spot to get some updated photos of these boys because they grow entirely too fast! It was the perfect light and non-descript location to jump out. Classic PWT and jeans and all the personality in the world make for a great session!  

STN_5728 copy.jpg
STN_5740 copy.jpg
STN_1827 copy.jpg

Oh Mason, you little Model! He's such a character and says the funniest things. He kept us laughing the whole time. 

STN_5782 copy.jpg
STN_1859 copy.jpg

Since he was a baby Hudson has always had the most piercing eyes and beautiful olive skin. I fell in love with this baby the first time I met him...now he's looking more like a teenager!

STN_1867 copy.jpg
STN_5772 copy.jpg

Oh Brooks you sweet sweet little boy! He's a lover and cuddle bug and doesn't like to share his mommy with the other boys. Hang on tight Jami, keep him small forever! 

STN_5745 copy.jpg
STN_5767 copy.jpg
STN_1795 copy.jpg
STN_1747 copy.jpg


STN_5755 copy.jpg

You boys are so much fun and smart and handsome and I'm lucky to get to be a part of your lives. But stop growing k? 

xoxo - Natalie

The Adventures of Alice & Bruce

Alice and Bruce are best friends that live in an old firehouse turned Art gallery, wood shop, artist studios, educational makers space and their home! Alice's parents founded Wave Pool Gallery in wonderful Camp Washington and are pillars in the art community as well as some really friendly faces you will often see in the neighborhood! We've all become fast friends and look forward to our community continuing to grow.

We photographed Alice just before she left to spend her 4th birthday in Sardinia, Italy with her parents while her momma is doing and artist residency! This is a kid after my own heart, celebrating birthdays on vacation is my kind of party! We chose to photograph Alice and her pup in their neighborhood and in our new Neighbor's yard where Alice likes to play, pretend and explore. 

STN_5584 copy.jpg

We started the session at the Razzle Camp mural on the side of Wave Pool Gallery. A collaboration with ArtWorks, Wave Pool Gallery and Heartfelt Tidbits to celebrate the refugee community living in Cincinnati. Artist Christian Davies worked with refugee families to create the design. The design comes from a pattern of different traditional textiles from the countries represented by refugees in Cincinnati. 

STN_5550 copy.jpg
STN_5596 copy.jpg
STN_1646 copy.jpg
STN_5656 copy.jpg

We then moved to our new Camp Washington resident and friend, Andrew's home. Andrew is a photographer who recently moved into a really gorgeous home near the gallery with a beautiful garden and gated yard. Alice had her run of the place so I just followed along! 

STN_1727 copy.jpg
STN_1682 copy.jpg
STN_5649 copy.jpg
STN_5620 copy.jpg
STN_5660 copy.jpg

After our session and before our lunch at Camp Washington Chili (where we discovered they have a chili melt, OMG!!), we stopped at the Camp Washington Neighborhood Center to talk to WCPO about the USPS worker Shortage, missing mail and how the community has been affected. Alice in true form, as I have seen her many times at many events, entertained herself. While mom was giving an interview she walked over to this little stoop and started looking through her new Italian workbook from her friend Andrew. She sat until it was done and we headed off to lunch! Such a wonderful family, community and sweet spirited little girl! 

STN_1735 copy.jpg

So glad we got to capture this milestone age. Before you know it she will be off to high school and leading us! I'm enjoying your adventures in Italy on social media and we look forward to having you all back home!

Baci e abbracci! - Natalie

Beatrice|8 month milestone session

They grow up entirely too quick! Little Beatrice, one of the "Kuhlkids," is the 4th little love to experience her first year in photos with me from her family. She is the baby sis to a big sister and twin big brothers! I've had the pleasure of capturing them all since birth and sharing their first year with each of them. I also get to see the entire family once a year for several years now all the way back to mom and dad's Engagement session! These blonde beauties are always a joy and full of laughter and personality. Check out little Miss! You are the sweetest! xoxo - Natalie

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