Zoe & Lucy

Broad Ripple is such a fun neighborhood in Indianapolis, IN and the perfect location for this fun sister session on a beautiful day! These girls are a great example of how important it is to capture this Tween stage of life! Lucy is teetering on that fine line of kiddo or teen and her big sis Zoe is sprinting towards her teen-dom! The first time I photographed Zoe was in a tutu, same long beautiful hair, spunk and owning the camera. I love watching my littlest clients grow. But ok now, you can stop!! Always a great time catching up and photographing these beauties! Thanks for such a fun session and I hope your bubble tea was delish!

xoxo- Natalie

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The Morelands

OH how the time passes so quickly! My trip to Indianapolis included an updated Family session for some of my favorite people on the planet! Somehow the girls are growing older quickly and their parents seem to be aging in reverse!! Thank you for the hospitality and the wonderful visit while I was in town! Spending more than just a meal with you all to catch up was wonderful! I love your new house and can’t wait to see where you put these and all the sessions to come! Girls, you can stop growing up now…you are both so beautiful and hilarious!! I loved spending time with you!

xoxo - Natalie

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