Sophia & Sebastian

Sometimes the best locations are right where you least expect them. As a photographer it’s my job to find those places, find the perfect light and to have a vision for your session. This session couldn’t have come together more perfectly! I won’t say too much on this post and let the images speak for themselves. Also they are a surprise for Christmas cards so no tagging or sharing :) I have permission to post here though! Enjoy…these are some of my favorite new images!

Note: this is a fully custom Creative Session. That means date, time and location are chosen for a specific look. These sessions are given priority for those golden light hours everyone loves! It’s Ohio so we don’t always luck out with sun when we want it but we always have a back up plan! If this is the style you love and want for your family portraits call early to make sure the right time and dates are available for your session.

STN_0262 copy.jpg
STN_4069 copy.jpg
STN_4060 copy.jpg
STN_3981 copy.jpg
STN_0302 copy.jpg
STN_4216 copy.jpg
STN_4121 copy.jpg
STN_0380 copy.jpg
STN_4234 copy.jpg
STN_0172 copy.jpg
STN_0293 copy.jpg
STN_3966 copy.jpg
STN_4173 copy.jpg