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The Morelands

OH how the time passes so quickly! My trip to Indianapolis included an updated Family session for some of my favorite people on the planet! Somehow the girls are growing older quickly and their parents seem to be aging in reverse!! Thank you for the hospitality and the wonderful visit while I was in town! Spending more than just a meal with you all to catch up was wonderful! I love your new house and can’t wait to see where you put these and all the sessions to come! Girls, you can stop growing up now…you are both so beautiful and hilarious!! I loved spending time with you!

xoxo - Natalie

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Emanuel, Julian & Stella

These little cuties came down from Columbus for a Summer Session with me here in Cincinnati! I know their mommy from High School where we cheered together and caused a ruckus with our other Cheer Pals. I remember all of the fun like it was yesterday! The last time I saw Mom in person though (thanks Facebook for keeping us all so close and up to date these days) was in Venice, Italy in 1999.

What was so amazing about the last time I saw her was that it wasn't planned! See Allison was stationed overseas and I hadn't talked to her since High School, let's say in 1995, when she graduated. I was in Italy for the Summer studying and visiting family and we decided to take a trip to Venice on a Sunday. It was going to be so much fun. However, my friends and I were on a 1:00 train from Florence and didn't realize, until we were halfway there, that the last train out of Venice was at 7:00. That wouldn't be nearly enough time to see the sights and experience Venice the way we wanted to. It was also the middle of Summer and we didn't bring a change of clothes. But we decided to get a hotel room, stay the night, and leave instead the next day. It was such a great idea because there was a huge fireworks display that night on the banks of the Arno celebrating one of the churches and we really got to experience the culture of the city.

So we were beat, we were sweaty and stinky, and we were ready to get back to Florence the next morning. We plopped down on some steps outside the train station to wait for our trains arrival in a few hours because our feet were done. Low and behold I hear "Natalie?!, Oh my gawdddd!" I looked up and there she was! Randomly in Venice with friends for the day! My cousin was with me and had her trusty disposable camera out and snapped the interaction as it happened! So cool! I posted the photos at the end of this post if you'd like to see. It was such an amazing memory that we still talk about to this day! I can't believe we have pictures to remember it!

Ok so on to seeing each other again for the first time in person in OMG 19 years!!! Almost to the day at that! I got to hug her again and meet her 3 beautiful children and play in the park with them! Dad couldn't make it but I was able to sneak mom in for some of the fun! These kids are adorable and I am so thankful she asked me to capture their portraits! 

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STN_2235 copy.jpg

I made sure to tell mom to bring snacks for the kids for after the long drive and they were chowing down on these plums. Look at this baby's eyes! LOVE! 

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Thanks so much for coming down and catching up! You don't look a day older than the last time I saw you and exactly the way I remember you! I had so much fun looking at your babies while editing and noticing all of their little features that remind me of you! Next time I hope to get to meet dad and so much time won't have passed before we can catch up again!!

xoxo - Natalie

"OMG what?"

"OMG what?"

"Are you serious?"

"Are you serious?"

Cheer pic for good measure (she's gonna kill me ;)). That's me front row on the left - I had Mono for what felt like 3 months before they diagnosed what was wrong with me, so the start of my Sophomore year was a little rocky. That's Allison on the right, front row. This photo is great! Also, I've photographed 5 of these girl's families over the awesome is that? 

Cheer pic for good measure (she's gonna kill me ;)). That's me front row on the left - I had Mono for what felt like 3 months before they diagnosed what was wrong with me, so the start of my Sophomore year was a little rocky. That's Allison on the right, front row. This photo is great! Also, I've photographed 5 of these girl's families over the awesome is that? 

The Erjavic Boys

There has been nothing but joy watching these boys grow! Brooks, Mason and Hudson's mommy is a childhood friend who grew up down the street from me. I always thought Jami was the coolest chick and looked up to her growing up. We were cheerleaders together in High School and for the most part, the only girls on the squad doing back-handsprings across the field. We went to the same gymnastics center together, and I was lucky to be invited into her friend circle in High School...she even let me borrow her super cool jeans that she wore in her Senior Pictures for a few days (think 90's grunge, a little punk a lot of holes and patches). Too many memories to list, but nothing has made Jami cooler than being a mom to these GORGEOUS children! It's been amazing to see her become a mom and I know she is a pretty cool wife to her hubby Joe too. I digress....check out these studs! 

STN_1779 copy.jpg

We all jumped in the SUV and took a ride around the corner from their house to find a spot to get some updated photos of these boys because they grow entirely too fast! It was the perfect light and non-descript location to jump out. Classic PWT and jeans and all the personality in the world make for a great session!  

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STN_5740 copy.jpg
STN_1827 copy.jpg

Oh Mason, you little Model! He's such a character and says the funniest things. He kept us laughing the whole time. 

STN_5782 copy.jpg
STN_1859 copy.jpg

Since he was a baby Hudson has always had the most piercing eyes and beautiful olive skin. I fell in love with this baby the first time I met he's looking more like a teenager!

STN_1867 copy.jpg
STN_5772 copy.jpg

Oh Brooks you sweet sweet little boy! He's a lover and cuddle bug and doesn't like to share his mommy with the other boys. Hang on tight Jami, keep him small forever! 

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STN_1795 copy.jpg
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STN_5755 copy.jpg

You boys are so much fun and smart and handsome and I'm lucky to get to be a part of your lives. But stop growing k? 

xoxo - Natalie

The Webbs

I got to meet this adorable family last year for a Fall session in Spring Grove Cemetery. We played in the leaves and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I was super excited to hear from Mom again when I posted about Spring Mini sessions and that they wanted to schedule some time in front of the camera again! I also loved that rather than wait, they were excited to commemorate a little crash on the playground their little Sadie had a few weeks prior in which lots of stitches were involved! I think it's wonderful to accept our kiddos will fall and bump their faces, or loose a tooth, or even get a cast and commemorate these times in their lives rather than pretend they never happened! Little Miss Sadie was a riot last session and she did not disappoint this go round! Little George was as cute as ever and celebrating his first Birthday! Happy Birthday George! Thanks for coming to play with me again!

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