Fun with Brooklyn & Nathan

It’s so important for me to talk with my clients before a session to ask lots of questions about location options, what their space looks like and whether or not a session in the studio makes most sense for their wants and needs. This session became a mix of a traditional portrait session and lifestyle/storytelling session with the addition of a bubble bath! Not only was this a great way to end the session, millions of bubbles are a great bribe for smiles and cooperation during the session to get great posing for portraits.

Guys, I love your new space and I can’t wait to see these images on the walls! There’s so many more where these came from but here’s some of my favorites!! Thanks for having me over and sharing your new home with me!!

xoxo - Natalie

STN_0608 copy.jpg
STN_0587 copy.jpg
STN_0925 copy.jpg
STN_0858 copy.jpg
STN_0664 copy.jpg
STN_0704 co.jpg
STN_0776 copy.jpg
STN_0874 copy.jpg
STN_0884 copy.jpg
STN_9648 copy.jpg
STN_9627 copy.jpg
STN_9798 copy.jpg
STN_9632 copy.jpg
STN_9787 copy.jpg
STN_9631 copy.jpg
STN_9638 copy.jpg
STN_9724 copy.jpg
STN_9729 copy.jpg
STN_9759 copy.jpg