Steph & Jordon | waiting for baby

Living in our loft the last 3 years we have made some really amazing friends that we now consider family. As we started the home buying process we knew we wouldn't be moving far and our friends still living at the lofts would only be 2 blocks away! However, we got to keep two of our pals just as close as living in the same building since they moved onto the same street as our new house! Jordon and Steph are expecting a sweet baby at the end of August and I'm over the moon excited that I will be only a few houses away for all the baby snuggles I can handle at any given time I choose! We are so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet that little bug! Steph you look stunning! Ok Jordon you look pretty ok yourself ;)

STN_2082 copy.jpg
STN_1970 copy.jpg

These images were taken in what we have dubbed the neighborhood photo garden! I noticed shortly after we bought the house at the end of the street (literally maybe 50 feet from our house) there is a field with wildflowers and tall grasses. It's like it was made just for me to photograph in! I called Steph and told her we HAD to photograph there before the flowers were gone. So we waited for the perfect light and walked down the street! 

STN_2114 copy.jpg
STN_6019 copy.jpg
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The light in their house is pretty gorgeous too! We were taking a break from the heat when I saw the light coming through the dining room and had to do a few shots there. Jordon and my husband got in on the action for their own "belly photos" but I'll let them post at their discretion elsewhere :)

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STN_5914 copy.jpg


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Absolutely STUNNING STEPH!!!! You are such a pretty mamma! 

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I'm so happy we get to be a part of this new milestone in your lives and we cannot wait to meet that sweet little bundle! Soon enough! 

xoxo - Natalie