The Giles Family

It’s been almost 10 years I’ve been photographing this family! Hard to believe it was only Missy and Josh and what seems like yesterday! They introduced me to Mt. Airy forest with a request for the treehouse for their engagement session and I’ve been smitten with the location ever since! The light was just perfect, albeit a little humid and the kids were happy to be outside! The Fall color is starting to creep in even if the Fall temps are a little far behind! Thank you for always choosing me to be a part of capturing your family milestones! I love watching your little family grow!

STN_3019 copy.jpg

Perfect outfits all the time! Missy has the best style…you should see their house!

STN_3138 copy.jpg

Sawyer loves his big brother Jack, look at that face! <3

STN_3245 copy.jpg
STN_8734 copy.jpg

This image is pretty much perfection and straight out of the camera. LOVE a Mamma’s love!

STN_8913 copy.jpg
STN_3266 copy.jpg
STN_8868 copy.jpg
STN_8708 copy.jpg
STN_8892 copy.jpg

How handsome and grown up the boys look in their suspenders!

STN_3168 copy.jpg
STN_3210 copy.jpg
STN_8855 copy.jpg
STN_8962 copy.jpg

Daddy and his babies, Mamma and her big boy!

STN_8931 copy.jpg
STN_8761 copy.jpg

Always love to see you guys and catch up. Thanks for inviting me!

xoxo - Natalie