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I’m just going to go ahead and put this here:

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I’m so excited to announce this new line of custom portraiture to Studio N! Special packages and products are now available for your 8-13 year olds! I’m also ecstatic to introduce our first group of 2014-2015 Tween Ambassadors! We had so much fun together at The American Sign Museum. Lots of giggles, singing, and even some dancing! These girls rocked their session and I can’t wait to meet your Tweens in the coming months! Sessions are available on location and in the studio. Hair and makeup options are also available for your group sessions or just for your individual Tween session. These sessions can be for boys too! I can meet you at the skate park, on the baseball field or even down by the stadiums! Call for a custom session consultation and we will pick the perfect place!

What Tween portraits are all about:

This time in your child’s life is rarely documented and its so important to who this person will be for the rest of their life. Tweens change just as rapidly as a preschooler. Their voice, mannerisms, personality and their faces will become so different in just 3 quick years. These years are the last stage of childhood. Not much will change in terms of how they look as teenagers into adulthood.

Tweens can range in age from 8-13. This can be fun for boys or girls. 8-10 may be the younger side but depending on your family dynamic, having siblings in the Tween to teenage range can dictate your child’s mentality and behaviors. If you are thinking about including any children or siblings between the ages of 8 and 10 lets chat so I can get a little more information and background and make sure the session is age appropriate for them as well.

During this stage in your child’s life they are testing and building their self-esteem. Take a look at their Facebook pages and Instagram, the selfies and friend group photos are plastered on their walls. They are searching for an identity and want to show the world their personalities! You will see silly photos of your child with their friends still acting as a child but also their “model look” selfies, establishing themselves with their friends as confident in their skin and “grown up”. This is healthy for self esteem and much needed at this stage in your child’s life. During a session we will cover both sides of your child to show a well-rounded idea of who they are at this time in their life. They will play a major role in clothing, prop and location choices for their session to reveal every aspect of their personalities.

So why should you photograph your Tween?

 #1 This is the last time that your kid is a kid.

Nowadays teenagers are very much like 20 year olds, and 12 years olds, well they are nothing like an 18 or 19 year old! Not just in their looks but their personalities. Full fledged teenagers want their freedom and not to be treated like a kid, but Tweens are still straddling that line of not having to look and act so independent.

#2 Photographs are a huge self-esteem booster.

While many think this is an awkward stage of growing, braces and physical changes, children at this age love to feel like a model! This type of session makes them look and more importantly FEEL beautiful in their own skin and they really enjoy the attention. Add hair and makeup to the session for the ultimate rock star experience!

#3 Documenting this time with their friends is very important.

Think about all of the photos we cherish of our friends we grew up with. How often do you look back to those images of your BFF’s from middle school and high school very fondly? This type of session is great for a birthday party get together with close friends or to kick off the beginning or end of the school year.  Start off the day with a photo shoot and go into a sleepover night of silly selfies, Instagram posts of behind the scenes images from the session and maybe a sneak peek of images from yours truly to get them excited!

Two weeks ago I got to fly out to Chandler, AZ to meet little Miss Callie! I’ve known her mommy for about 8 years after meeting her and becoming close friends during my stint working at Nationwide Insurance the year I started my own business in Columbus, OH. That job was a blessing in more ways then one. I met friends I will have for a lifetime and it allowed me the opportunity to focus on starting up my business without focusing on how I was going to pay the bills. I was only there for under a year before my business was on its feet and running! I kept all of my buddies though in the office and Leeanna and I stayed really close. Such an amazing friend and such an amazing supporter of my work! I have been there for all of Leeanna and her Husband Pauls major life moments thus far. Their engagement, wedding, first born and now Little Miss Callie’s arrival! I was excited the day Lee called me to tell me she was having another baby and knew I’d be requested at some point to make the trip out to photograph this beautiful addition to their family! So without further ado meet Callie and her Big Brother Aiden. Your family is so adorable I could cry! I’m so happy for you guys and know that you are living your dreams. Thanks for having me be a part of watching your love unfold. 🙂



Someone loves their Daddy…




All Boy!


Sweet Baby Smiles are the best!


Being able to photograph newborns outside in October = amazing!




Your little family is too perfect! <3 you guys!




I love little baby lips.


Momma and her girl.

STN_1039Daddy and his boy.



This is Red Trabue Nature Preserve in Dublin, OH it used to be, and still is one of my favorite places to photograph there. Meet Ava & Luke! They are too funny! Their Mommy is a friend of mine from growing up back home in Youngstown. We had a great time giggling at the park! The last time I photographed them Luke was just a few days old! So cute! I love catching up and seeing how big your kiddos get! 11x14STN_6407







Bella and her Mom and Dad stopped by for a fun Summer session!5x7STN_6158






Splish Splash!


64109_10201619839236983_875801864_nOver the last few weeks I have been going through an overhaul of pricing, procedures and policies for the studio to try and create the best experience possible for all of you! I recently attended the PPA SMS 3 day Business Breakthroughs workshop where all of my business matters were analyzed by A few of the top Portrait Photographers in the Industry. EEK! Talk about scary. Its kind of like going to the principals office only knowing the only thing that will come out of it will be really great things if you can just listen to the advice your peers are giving you and trust that they know what they are talking about! That being said there were lots of sessions going on around that time that I really wanted to post on the blog since Facebook likes to crunch them up and make them much less pretty than they really are. So here you go! I will be trying to post images every Friday as they become available. Hold me to it!



Welcome Baby Madison to the world! Her 5 brothers and sisters and proud Mamma and Pappa couldn’t love her more!



Such a sweet little profile….Mom’s favorite image.


Miss Meadow Mae turned one! We had a big celebration in Youngstown and had to take her Annual (soon to be annual) pool and bathing suit picture! We couldn’t forget her furry brothers for this session…they were beyond thrilled!




Pretty stinkin’ cute right?!


Little Gavin got to have his day to play in the Mud in Youngstown and had a blast! I think Mom, Dad and myself ended up a little dirtier by the end than this guy did!





OH SUMMER! Another Youngstown Session with the amazing Giada and Nicholas! Seriously some cuteness here! I can barely stand it!










Wow, this session!!! Every little thing fell into place (after a rain re-schedule and a second re-schedule to make sure we got the truck) and what an awesome thing to get to do, photograph one of my former photography students and her ADORABLE family!!! Kandice had some great ideas of her own so we worked off of those and I threw some suggestions her way as well to come up with what is pretty much an out of the ball park conceptual/styled session. Kandice’s husband Noah is a performing songwriter (check out his amazing music here.) So we knew that his guitar and all things music should be included in the session. I mentioned how fun it would be to have a classic truck for the session and Kandice jumped on that and got us a truck! What fun! I’ve photographed her little boy Cash in the past and that boy has style all his own, loves hats and I think we made him a cape out of paper last time I photographed him! Little Waylon smiled from the time I laid eyes on him until we left, with those two little bottom teeth sparkling in the sun! That love you see in these images…that’s the real deal. Its no fancy photoshop or posing magic. I barely had to direct these guys on “snuggling” they’ve got the lovin’ part down pat! So happy we got to do this Kandice!!! You guys are amazing! STN_3088











Yep Little Man has a pin that says YOLO. How can you not love this kid?! STN_3415

I’m pretty sure Kandice grabbed a shot of me taking this shot, because I was upside down and he was copying me! So funny!


Without direction and me a long ways away….STN_2975

Her boys love her…

STN_2906Can this shot say Summer any more?







A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting this Mamma and two of her girls at the JinkyArt workshop in Oxford, OH. They were models for our shoots and they were just so sweet! We’ve been friends ever since! Her girls make great little models and they are just so much fun. They finally got in for a full family session since the addition of their little brother who just turned 1! The love they share is bursting in their giggles and smiles. I cannot wait to watch all of these little kiddos grow…so happy to have spent the day with ALL of you! Oh Also check out this family’s awesome style!! They took advantage of the complimentary Family Styling portfolio offered with all family sessions currently at Studio N! Gone are the days of matching white shirts and Khaki’s 🙂















Brothers playing in the park on a beautiful day! I’ve photographed these boys since they were infants! Growing too fast!!!






A little treat for my friend for Mother’s Day since I was in town. Jolene is a photographer in my childhood hometown of Youngstown, OH. She is the owner of Studio 217 and someone I talk to almost every day about photography, her kids antics and just life. We share war stories about the industry and lean on each other for support.  We also know how to cut loose together when we get the rare chance! So when I saw her snapchat video message of her run through the park with Blue bells, I knew I wanted to shoot there and thought, why don’t we update your family photos! Photographers rarely get the chance to capture their own memories while we are so busy capturing yours so its always something fun to do for a fellow photographer. Her kiddos are gorgeous and as a family they just burst with fun and love. Its always hard photographing another photographers family, kind of nerve racking actually. I hope you love the rest of your session! See you soon!